Magic: The Gathering Utilities

I am building a website for MTG utilities. This is meant to include a range of functionality, but is mostly a hobby project. The server backing this is laughably low-spec, so don't link it anywhere, at least not for a while.
The "Phase" structure reflects the fact that this is a learning exercise, and I can completely reimplement everything multiple times. The external UI should remain compatible for the most part, but I don't yet have a persistent ID system. (multiverseID's are pretty good overall, since they're pretty much unique, but double cards don't interact with it well. (Assault/Battery being the most prominent one) Perhaps I can come up with a way of getting all the duplicates and altering the multiverseID's in a reversible way.)


  1. Working Card Browser (Tree View)
  2. Deck Builder (Deck Builder)
  3. Database-Backed Persistent IDs (list.php)
  4. Subdomain (You're at it if you're reading this)
  5. Update the card database and download new scans.
  6. Search Engine (MTG Card Search) (NYI)
    Also, there is a list of missing cards and potential duplications here