Magic: The Gathering Card Images

Now redone for Phase 3+ to use a database. Also, the card view can be minimized by clicking the little arrow picture at the bottom. (I drew it myself!) Lands are now sorted to the bottom of each set and the l-numbers have made a comeback. They are not the same as they were, but I think they're persistent now.
This page is *not* made with phones and small screens in mind. Sorry.


Deck Submission

This area allows you to stitch together a deck based on a selection above. Double-clicking on a card will automatically add it below, with a count of 1. Should you need more, you can either click more times, or use the above "Count" input and then press "Add to Deck". You can also copy the card ID or LOC into the "Card" input. You can also manipulate sets from here. Until further notice, you can only remove cards and sets by setting the count to a negative number and clicking "Add to Deck" until count is 0. The script will simply ignore any non-positive values. Note that "pf" and the other built-in sets will work even if you do not set them manually.
More information on sets and the JSON format is available at the Deck Builder page.

Card: Count: